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Bridging the community together


“I am running for Mayor of Northampton because I am invested in the future of our community. 

Having overcome personal obstacles and supported others to overcome theirs, I am well-equipped for the challenge to lead our community efforts towards growth and transformative practices and policies. 

Upholding justice and transparency, I am excited to collaborate with residents, business owners, the workforce, and organizations to ensure that every voice is heard. 

The time is now; vote for change!”



Shanna Fishel at marathon

NASW-MA Endorses Shanna Fishel for Mayor

The National Association of Social Workers - Massachusetts Chapter (NASW-MA) Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) committee is proud to endorse Shanna Fishel for Mayor of Northampton. “As a social worker, there is no question that Shanna will be a bold and compassionate leader with a keen ability to listen. Shanna’s personal and on-the-ground experiences in the community shape everything they do and reinforce our shared commitment to equity and justice,” said Alison Freeman, NASW-MA PACE co-chair.

Western Mass Young Dems Endorse Fishel 

"WMYD believes that Shanna Fishel embodies the values of the Democratic party and will serve the Northampton community well. We recognize Fishel's dedicated service in the spirit of a more progressive future. Shanna Fishel is a social worker, Smith College graduate and was active in the Massachusetts Fair Housing Center. Fishel plans to complete Northampton’s net zero goal by 2030, implement universal design accessibility & work to better invest in alternative public safety services to make Northampton more welcoming to everyone. We think Fishel is the best candidate and the Western Mass Young Democrats are proud to endorse them for the position of Mayor of Northampton."

Shanna commits to NARAL pledge

As a certified sex educator and a long time Planned Parenthood volunteer, Shanna believes there are plenty of ways for city leaders to protect and expand reproductive freedom. Ensuring that the people of Northampton have access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care options is one of their top priorities. That's why Shanna took @ProChoiceMass' City Champions Pledge! 

Shanna Fishel' recorded statement

Thanks to Northampton Open Media, all candidates who completed papers to run for office in the city of Northampton and are running opposed were offered the opportunity to record a two minute statement.

Committed to YOU

Shanna T. Fishel is committed to invigorating our town, renewing our community pride, and creating humane practices in government. Shanna has rich experience working as a special education teacher in the Boston Public Schools and currently as an outreach social worker servicing adults and families in Western Mass. In both their public platform and their personal values, you can expect a commitment to collaboration and transparency. Their main goal is to promote liveable economies and expand community care possibilities. They are committed to bringing in the people who need to be at the table: our friends and neighbors who are affected the most by Northampton’s housing shortage, the skyrocketing rents and property prices. They will address neglected infrastructure needs, invest in justice-oriented educational opportunities, revitalize our small businesses as part of our COVID-19 recovery plan, and improve transportation and programming to benefit our youth and the elderly. Together, we can build a bold future for a brave Northampton.




Values and Visions

Shanna Fishel for YOUR Northampton Mayor

With Shanna as Mayor of Northampton, they will lead the effort to bring together our community and enable better care and services for all. Shanna will use equitable municipal planning that is logical, data-driven, comprehensive, integrated, and transparent. Our town will be fiscally sustainable when managing our finances, while caring for people, communities, and the environment.

COVID-19 has created a crisis on many levels, and it is too soon to fully realize the long-lasting impacts. As circumstances evolve, we must continue to ensure public health and safety, while addressing growing disparities and prioritizing equity, safety and care for all our community members. Shanna’s COVID-19 rehabilitation plan will focus on restoring trust with residents, business owners, members of the workforce, and organizations, and propel our community into recovery and growth. We will invest in small business recovery and economic enhancement opportunities to revitalize our downtown. Shanna will endorse creative and effective solutions for those most impacted by the pandemic, while actively seeking input from stakeholders and residents in the development of recovery strategies. 

As mayor, Shanna will protect our environment and our community, leading decisions that consider the land, energy, and water as community members, which have stakes in our actions. With the understanding that these elements play an integral role in the health and equity of people and the environment, Shanna will promote green municipal practices, increasing access and improving management of our natural resources. Municipal decisions will engage those affected most by potential changes and involve them in the process of design and implementation of green infrastructure changes. Shanna will ensure that environmental justice is addressed in all municipal planning and rooted in racial and economic justice, as we aim to protect human rights, the earth, and future generations.  

As many of us who call Northampton “home” are priced out, we need strong leadership and inclusive measures to address residential and economic opportunities. Shanna will promote efforts towards a robust community economy able to withstand future crises, and promote progressive economic justice. With strategic improvement planning for the benefit of renters and owners, Shanna will pursue affordable housing construction and renovation, revision of underutilized buildings, increased support to vulnerable households, and promote rent stabilization measures and neighborhood improvement projects. To nourish and support our business community, Shanna will work to retain existing businesses, attract new ones, and encourage entrepreneurship, while considering the needs of employees and employers equally. 

Shanna’s experiences as a special educator in Boston Public Schools and as a clinical social worker providing outreach services in Western Mass highlights their dedication to serve marginalized people, those with functional differences, and the working class. Through partial and gradual divestment from our inflated police budget, Shanna will invest in our community, including timely access to mental health services and expanded educational programming, while ensuring our budget is fair and equitable and our community is safe for all. Recognizing the importance and efficiency of peer-led community care services, Shanna is dedicated to strengthening mutual aid and harm reduction programming. Shanna will promote justice-oriented educational reform in our schools, highlighting history as a pivotal point of education with the capacity to reflect on race, gender, geopolitical location, and economic status, honoring our diverse experiences. Shanna holds a vision for our schools and community as a home for imagination, advancement, and social repair.  


Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 1525

NORTHAMPTON, MA 01061-1525