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Community Members Support Shanna

Shann Fishel has found support across our city. Read below to learn what your neighbors think about Fishel's candidacy and why they choose to vote for Shanna! 

Change in Leadership

"If you want a change from the kind of "leadership" we have now, I strongly encourage you to actively support and vote for Shanna Fishel for mayor."

~Lois Ahrens, Warfield Place resident.

No Rubber Stamp

"When Shanna Fishel knocked on my door a few weeks ago, I immediately saw that she has that special "fire in the belly" that gives her the courage to vigorously pursue climate justice and social justice in our city. The times demand that courage now, to break away from Business as Usual which has brought us to this critical moment. Shanna is informed and smart. Her vision is clear. She is no rubber stamp!"

~ Jackie Ballance, Bay State Village

Humanity in Government

"A week or so ago, Shanna Fishel, one of the four current mayoral candidates, knocked on my door and we spoke for a while. Not an experienced municipal servant, they are, rather, someone who has experienced the effect of municipal decisions in their life and the lives of others they have served in their social work. I hope that Fishel will emerge in the Sept. 28 primary as one of the two mayoral candidates going forward into the general election, so that we might have a real debate about the role of humanity in the way the city government comes to its decisions and policy.

If we lose our humanity, we are just a municipal machine."

~ Cherrie Latuner, Florence.

>>>Read more of Cherrie's column to the Gazzette>>> 

Responsive and Participatory 

"I am voting for Shanna Fishel because I am one of the voters that sees a need for big changes in the city government. Two of the ideas that Shanna has are a city government that is both more responsive to residents needs and more inclusive of all the citizens of Northampton by using a participatory model.... I believe that Shanna has the unique skills and experience to get the job done. I know that she is a careful listener and has practical ideas about how to improve and streamline our government and services.... If you, like me, see the many challenges facing our city, please join me and vote for Shanna Fishel." 

~ Sara Elkins, Northampton

>>> Read more of Sara's letter to the Gazzette >>>

Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 1525

NORTHAMPTON, MA 01061-1525