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Values and Visions

Recovering from Covid-19 Crisis

Supporting our Small Businesses

Ensuring Housing Equity and Rent Stabilization

Endorsing Community Care

Expanding Educational Opportunities

Upholding Environmental Justice


Community Economics

Enhancing Infrastructure Investments

COVID-19 Recovery Plan

COVID-19 has been devastating, and Shanna recognizes the heightening health and economic disparities impacting people of color, LGBTQIA+, small business owners, and the working class, as well as the looming mental health crisis resulting from social isolation. Shanna’s recovery plan will maximize effectiveness and emphasize equity in prevention, protection and response measures.

  • Prioritize transparency and prudence in the use of state and federal aid, local receipts, and health insurance budget allotments to accelerate healthy, sustainable, and equitable economic recovery

  • Ensure equitable, safe, and effective access to testing and vaccines, as needed

  • Support mutual aid efforts that ameliorate risk and public health concerns

  • Build risk-management solutions to those most impacted by the current crisis, including small businesses, workforce personnel, and vulnerable individuals and families

  • Advocate for small business survival grants to struggling businesses, while ensuring the health and stability of the workforce

  • Mitigate risks and enhance the safe reopening of our schools while recognizing the immense dedication of our teachers through expansion of supportive programming

  • Invest in community care and increase access to timely mental health and crisis services 

  • Foster use of available technologies to increase digitalization access and utilization as it continues to be part of our social and economic landscape

Small Business Support

As a former entrepreneur and teacher union representative, Shanna recognizes the importance of supporting workforce cooperatives, unions, and local business ownership. To support a robust economic recovery Shanna will consider the needs and priorities of business owners, the workforce, and the community. 

  • Develop anti-gentrification solutions to address ongoing issues of high rents, labor law concerns, and empty storefronts
  • Foster collaboration with business owners on creative solutions to common problems through transparency and outreach
  • Incentivize BIPOC-owned businesses to bolster our business center with successful entrepreneurship

Housing Equity

Safe, accessible and affordable housing leads to health equity and community sustainability. Shanna believes that investments in neighborhood-led development projects builds community wealth and strengthens social cohesion. Through a Housing First model, an evidence-based approach to end homelessness and secure permenant housing for the houseless, Shanna will lead the efforts towards a more liveable economy, create progressive planning for affordable housing, and combat the causes of chronic houselessness.

  •  Promote rent-stabilization practices through equitable development, inclusionary zoning, and market-value ordinances, while giving the community the ability to influence planning decisions
  • Standardize Net Zero Energy in residential development constructions 
  • Improve walking and biking access between affordable living communities and amenities, such as food supplies, green spaces, human services, and cultural venues
  • Preserve underutilized properties via rehabilitation into affordable multi- and single-residence accessible housing and transitional centers
  • Provide economic stability for those facing housing instability or homelessness, and join the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income , while streamlining systems of support
  • Use effective technologies and creative solutions to increase housing opportunities, such as tiny homes, co-housing communities, 3D-printed homes, and investment in community land trusts
  • Increase public-private partnership to combat the housing crisis (such as "Health Through Housing" initiatives) 

Endorsing Community Care

As a social worker, Shanna has direct experience with the ongoing mental health crisis and recognizes the looming increase of needs in the wake of COVID-19. Because Black Lives Matter, Shanna will divest funds from Northampton’s inflated police budget and invest in community care, mental health, peer-led programs, and human services, as well as create a more just and equitable city budget. 

  • Follow Northampton Police Review Commission recommendations and fully fund the Department of Community Care 
  • Use state funds to include co-respondent rapid response system, providing trauma-informed, justice-oriented, harm reduction services
  • Ensure 911 dispatch continues to be staffed by civilian personnel and ensure access to timely response to emergencies, while accessing additional options for a mental health crisis
  • Create a municipal-run centralized referral network connecting residents to local service providers, mutual aid, transitional housing support, and peer-support programs
  • Increase access to, and affordability of, care services, housing, and rehabilitation programs in our city
  • Ensure all of our municipal services and policies uphold non-coercive, disability justice principles in their practices

Read Shanna's statement on policing in Northampton >>>

Expanding Educational Opportunities

Shanna’s heartfelt dedication to equal access to fair and responsive educational programming stems from their experience as a special education teacher. As such, Shanna is committed to invest in the needs of our students and families, and increase training and support for our teachers, administrators and school staff. 

  • Support our underserved, economically-disadvantaged students through expansion of family engagement programs and extracurricular opportunities
  • Fund preschool expansion, instrumental music in our elementary schools, and salary increases for teacher and staff
  • Safeguard equal access for students with disabilities and highlight the needs of special education programs
  • Enhance mental health services and programming in our school to ensure the wellness of every student
  • Certify that administrative policies and resources uphold sex and gender justice practices, including the presence of anti-oppressive school policies, and gender-neutral bathrooms in all school buildings 

Read Shanna's Full educational platform >>> 

Upholding Environmental Justice

Shanna endorses the Green New Deal and the Red Deal. Shanna recognizes Northampton’s efforts to support clean air, energy and water in the Valley, and the need to stop local biomass or any development of new fossil fuel infrastructure, including the use of fracked gas. As mayor, Shan​na will consider justice, inequality and human agency in socio-environmental systems

  • Implement a Municipal Green New Deal as we continue to lead the efforts to harness Net Zero Energy by championing and accelerating Massachusetts’s 2050 goal
  • Complete Northampton's net-zero goal by 2030 for all municipal buildings, as we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency and resource conservation, and invest in green transportation
  • Increase municipal green job opportunities, such as a water steward as a town service to protect our waterways and to equitably manage our rivers
  • Impose caps on developments that strip our land of its resource wealth, and better manage green and open spaces for recreational and farm use
  • Develop local renewable energy sources that will enhance community economics and promote community-led planning, enrich social relations and build social cohesion.
  • Increase safe walking and bike paths for the 40% of residents living within a mile of downtown

Read Shanna's full climate statement >>> 

Strategizing Community Economics

An intentional and sustainable economy, which capitalizes on our social, cultural, and natural wealth, can empower our community, build leadership, and promote creative social initiatives. Shanna believes that community economics must close the regional racial wealth gap and implement opportunities for reparations and shared prosperity. 

  • Strategize financial growth that considers existing assets and barriers, including the valuable and expert contribution of residents and other stakeholders
  • Build local partnerships for a broad long-term vision, including increased opportunities for public-private investments 
  • Implement participatory budgeting and increase transparent planning opportunities to make municipal expenditures reflect the priorities of our diverse community and workforce needs
  • Reverse the adminstrative code in which municipal staff are appointed as chairs, and ensure to include resident representation in top municipal decision-making positions, as well as empower commissions to have the freedom to nominate and elect their own leadership
  • Focus on solutions for empty or disused properties, and address absentee property owners uninterested in investing in our downtown
  • Simplify city planning requirements to ease the burden for those seeking city approval
  • Plan a budget of equitable investments that aligns with community needs, while we ensure our city works for everyone, especially for those often most impacted and disenfranchised in our system 

Infrastructure Investments

Infrastructure investment must be green, bold, and future oriented, ensuring our city is affordable for working and middle-class families. Shanna will involve those affected most by potential infrastructure changes and engage them in the process of green design and implementation. 

  • Provide free municipal Wi-Fi, accessible to large parts of the city, and plan for fiber-optics and/or broadband for all city residents

  • Access federal subsidies that will enable the construction or rehabilitation of affordable rental units
  • Expand and better coordinate intra-community and inter-city public transit, while developing a multimodal transportation plan
  • Uphold values rooted in disability-justice by improving accessibility to public buildings, parking, and open spaces, and by reducing physical, programmatic, and social-cultural access barriers in our city
  • Review and revise planning and development standards to allow adaptive reuse and repurpose of existing buildings while promoting Net Zero Energy
  • Push for local, state, regional and federal collaboration to increase access to eco-transportation and bring a light rail to the 91-corridor, providing additional access to the East-West rail

Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 1525

NORTHAMPTON, MA 01061-1525